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Save your family thousands and raise $500 for Ducks Unlimited!


Consolidate ALL of Your Debt!

Forget about “minimum payments” – pay your credit cards down to $0 and wipe out everything else from car loans, personal loans, even a second mortgage!

Less Than Perfect Credit is OK!



Families with Late Payments, Judgments, Collections, Foreclosure, and even Bankruptcy can still save thousands and help preserve our wetlands when we donate $500 to DU!

Get the Cash You NEED!


A New Duck Boat, Home Improvements, College Tuition or more decoys (no such thing as “too many” decoys)!  And of course we make a $500 donation to Ducks Unlimited!

Save Money and Ducks!

We save you money and you save the wetlands!

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We Donate $500 to DU in Your Honor!

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Skip Your Next TWO House Payments!

Wouldn’t be nice to pocket that cash for two months?  And don’t forget we donate $500 to Ducks Unlimited in your honor at closing!


You’re Just A Few Clicks Away!

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Whether you’re buying a house, want to lower your monthly payments, or need some cash, this is no cost or obligation, only takes about 10 minutes, and you may not even need an appraisal!  But Ducks Unlimited needs your help TODAY!

When you save money today, you’ll save this for the future…

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